Space Worker Hall of Fame Award

About the Award

The NSCFL Space Worker Hall of Fame honors those who made significant contributions to our space program in all areas of launch and mission operations including Space Launch Technology, Space Flight Support, Human Spaceflight Advancement, and Space Flight Advocacy and Education.

No more than a total of 12 honorees in any combination of categories will be selected per year.

Space Worker Hall of Fame Categories

(Please note that a person may be nominated for only one category.)

Space Launch Technology
For exceptional contributions to the Space Vehicle, Ground Launch or Range Systems, involving hardware, procedures, software and/or technical support that directly contributes to the launching of manned and unmanned payloads in support of United States Space interests.

Space Flight Support
For exceptional contributions to Space Port secondary support necessary to maintain and preserve the capability to launch manned and unmanned payloads into space. This may include facilities, operational support services and employee / environmental programs.

Human Spaceflight Advancement
For exceptional contributions to the direct advancement of human suborbital, orbital or beyond orbital spaceflight technology.

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
For exceptional promotion and advocacy of spaceflight education to the general public.

Nomination and Selection Guidelines

Nominees should have demonstrated sustained performance in, or currently be in the process of, making significant contributions to enhancing U.S. National Space access technology or capability in one of the four categories detailed below.

Nominees may be currently employed or retired; alive or deceased.

A nominee cannot have been recognized by any other NSCFL award.

Any individual or organization may make a nomination. You do not have to be a member of the National Space Club Florida Committee to make a nomination or to be a nominee.

Florida residency is not required to receive the award, but the achievements being recognized must have been made while employed in Florida.

Previously receiving an NSCFL Award does not automatically disqualify a candidate. The Award Selection Committee will consider the matter on a case by case basis.

Current Hall of Fame Recipients (2021)

Human Spaceflight Advancement

  • Jennifer Hall

Space Flight Advocacy and Education

  • Donald Frost
  • Barry Bohnsack

Space Flight Support

  • Vijai Prabhudial
  • Thomas P LaForge
  • Carrie Seringer

Space Launch Technology

  • Timothy Harmon
  • Randle Clay
  • Joseph A Lebalanc
  • John Blankenship
  • Jeff McAlear
  • Elhanon (E.W.) Hall
  • Daniel Ciccateri

Past Hall of Fame Award Recipients (2020)

Space Launch Technology
  • Harvey “Neil” Mizell
  • Michael L. Young
Space Flight Support
  • Donald Fields
  • Sherri Johnson
  • David Russell
  • Burton R. Summerfield
Human Spaceflight Advancement
  • Ellen P. Brown
Advocacy and Education
  • J.B. Kump
  • Carl C. McManus
  • Kevin L. Simmons

Past Hall of Fame Award Recipients (2019)

Space Launch Technology
  • Ralph Rohloff
  • Mike Chappell
  • Randy Stalnaker
  • Leslie Lake
Space Flight Support
  • Matthew “Matt” Woodings
  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Stuart Warren
Human Spaceflight Advancement
  • William “Bill” Dowdell
Advocacy and Education
  • Joe Mayer
  • LaDonna Neterer
  • Jerry Moyer
  • Diane Matthews

Space Flight Support

James Baker

James has held positions including Space Utilization Specialist and Planner/Estimator and assumed responsibilities as Event Logistics Support Planner in Work Control and Mission Support offices providing coordination to NASA, commercial partners, contractors, and other Federal Agencies, supporting Special Events and manned, commercial and DOD launches at KSC. James was awarded the Silver Snoopy in 2012 and resides in Merritt Island with his wife Yvonne.

George Broyles

George started at KSC after the Air Force, working BOC and JBOSC, while also serving the National Guard. Promoted to Branch Manager, Facilities Maintenance, he was also assigned as FSEU Hurricane Coordinator, supporting KSC response and recovery efforts. George continues in that role with ISC/AECOM, receiving an MS from UCF and a PMP from PMI. Originally from FL, George lives in Titusville with his wife Jessica.

Steven Dean

Steven was born and raised in Brevard County, holds a Bachelor Degree from Embry Riddle, and works as a Senior Manager with ERC on TOSC. Steve’s 35-year career at KSC has extended through the Shuttle, Ares and now the Space Launch System programs where he was leads, motivates and inspires team members. He lives in Cocoa with his wife Cheryl; they have two children and three granddaughters.


Frank “Clay” Flinn

Clay Flinn is the Atlas Program Launch Weather Officer for the 45thWeather Squadron at CCAFS. He served as Meteorologist, Senior Instructor Missile Combat Crew Commander, and Acquisition Corp Program Manager, taught high school physics, and was the Weather Squadron’s instrumentation integrator. Clay, born in LA, resides in Merritt Island with his wife Barbara. He earned a BS from The Citadel, completed the Meteorology Program from St. Louis University, and earned an MS from USC.

Pam Krueger

Pam, born and raised in IL, started her career as a structural engineer supporting nuclear power plants. She moved to the Space Coast in 1988, providing engineering services on the Launch Base Support contract at CCAFS then with JBOSC at CCAFS/KSC. She is a Registered PE and is the ISC Division Manager for Engineering/Project Integration at AECOM. Pam and her husband Gary reside in Merritt Island and have two grown children, Alison and Ken.

Elizabeth “Betty” Muldowney

Betty, a Florida native, has 39 years at KSC. As a member of the Standing Accident Investigation Board, she was a first responder for the Columbia accident. During the end of the Shuttle program, she assisted in employee transition. Betty has held positions with Vencore and Abacus and is currently the Director of Safety, Health and Mission Assurance for ASRC on KIAC. She holds a BS and multiple certs. Betty resides in Orlando with wife Julie and their doodles, Marshall & Mattie.

Rikki Ojeda

Rikki began his Shuttle career in Palmdale working Build and Modifications, worked Launch Site Activation of Vandenberg SLC 6, then returned to Florida serving as Vehicle Operations Chief on Discovery. NASA awarded Rikki a Public Service Medal for the Columba Recovery effort. He is currently a Division Manager for AECOM. Raised in Titusville, Rikki is a second-generation KSC employee and resides on Merritt Island with his wife Kathy.

Human Spaceflight advancement

Darrell Holloway

Darrell, originally from MO, began his career in Space Shuttle for Lockheed Space Ops. He transferred to Lockheed Martin Astronautics working the Titan IVB and returned to Shuttle as the USA LCC Manager, serving for 12 years until last flight. He currently works as Boeing Stages’ LCC development lead and SME. Darrell and his wife Valerie reside in West Melbourne.

Space Launch Technology

Mark Jonas

Mark began his 35-year career in launch vehicle and ground systems designs for Lockheed and ULA. He was part of the team responsible for the design operations at Launch Complexes 37, and 41 at CCAFS and Launch Complexes 2W, 3E, and 6 at Vandenberg. Mark was a contributor to nearly 200 Atlas IIA, IIAS, Atlas III, Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV ELV missions for National Security, NASA, and Commercial customers. Mark resides in Titusville with his wife Donna.

Daniel Jones

Dan, a true Floridian, and UCF grad, moved to Brevard County for the surf and started his career in the space industry working Shuttle, Titan, Delta II, and Atlas III & IV Programs. He currently works the Omega Program for Northrop Grumman. Dan lives in Cocoa Beach with his wife Donna and is the proud father of 4 children, Deirdre, Colleen, Dan III, and Ariane. He is looking forward to teaching his four grandchildren to surf.

Mike McQuaig

Mike, born and raised in Florida, received an EE degree from UF and started his career with GE on the Navy’s Trident D5 missile program transferring to CCAFS for the D5 flight test program. Completing his FIT Master’s degree, Mike transitioned to The Aerospace Corporation for ground, flight control and guidance systems on the Atlas (II/III/V) and Delta (II/III/IV) programs until 2017. After 42 years and over 450 launches, he retired to travel the world with his wife Brenda.

Steven Riley

Steve has worked for Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, and ULA during his career. His work resulted in the launch of the first Atlas V Evolved ELV mission. Steve was an integral part of the team responsible for design and daily operations of ULA Space Launch Complexes at CCAFB and Vandenberg. Steve’s involvement led to over 200 successful Titan, Atlas, and Delta missions. Steve resides in Titusville with his wife Janet.

Ricky Serfozo

Rick started his career at KSC as a technician on the Space Shuttle Program. He supported all 135 Space Shuttle launches, the Ares I-X launch, and several Delta IV launches. Rick most recently supported the Space Launch Systems program. He retired as the KSC Site Director for Northrop Grumman at the Booster Fabrication Facility in 2018. Originally from Ohio but raised in Florida, Rick resides in Cape Canaveral with his wife Sherry.

Robert “Bob” Warner

Bob was born and raised in Nebraska then joined the Air Force. He retired as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist and started work at CCAFS in 1997. Bob has worked at KSC and CCAFS for the last 21 years in Pad Safety and Explosive Safety supporting the Shuttle, Titan, Delta, Atlas, SpaceX, Navy and many other DoD programs. He currently works for Millennium Engineering and lives in Cocoa with his wife of 38 years Sun.

Human Spaceflight advancement

Rikki Ojeda

Rikki Began his Shuttle career in Palmdale California working original Build and Modifications for Rockwell, and worked Launch Site Activation of Vandenberg SLC 6, before returning to Florida where he serviced as Vehicle Operations Chief for 24 missions on OV-103 Discovery. NASA awarded Rikki a Public Service Medal for contributions made in the Texas Columba Recovery effort.

He is currently a Division Manager for AECOM on the ISC Contract. Rikki was raised in Titusville and is a second-generation KSC employee. He currently resides on Merritt Island with his Wife Kathy.


Human Spaceflight Advancement

Kevin M. Berry
Cathy Dibiase, RN
Debra Kral

Space Flight Support

James T. McCarthy
Steven Murray
Michael Runion
Kenneth C. Walla

Space Launch Technology

Bubba Herman
Peter Klonowski
Jack Lyle
Ken Smith
Michael Storm


Human Spaceflight Advancement
Doug Perdomo
Roberta Wyrick

Space Launch Technology
James Carleton
Steve Gersten
Paul Krause
Patrick McCarthy
James Taylor
Richard Zeitler

Space Flight Support
Joan Hines
John Muzzy
Katherine Winters

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
Lance Erickson
William Fletcher
Roger McCormick


Human Spaceflight Advancement
John Cipolletti

Space Launch Technology
Van Bullington
Charlene Carr
Larry Clark
G. Wayne Finger
Lee Friedell
Fred Jankowski
Lou Marrero
Grady McCorquodale
James Melton

Space Flight Support
Bill Carr
Bob Humeniuk
Todd McNamara
Johnny Middleton


Human Spaceflight Advancement
Mark Brave
Butch Cabe
Janet Rawlins

Space Flight Support
Gene Beckett
Merle Ellet
Dori Swift
Art Waite

Space Launch Technology
Pedro Medelius
Terrence Smith
Michael Wyckoff

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
Herb Yamada
Terry White