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Space Worker Hall of Fame Award

About the Award

The NSCFL Space Worker Hall of Fame honors those who made significant contributions to our space program in all areas of launch and mission operations including Space Launch Technology, Space Flight Support, Human Spaceflight Advancement and Space Flight Advocacy and Education.

No more than a total of 15 honorees in any combination of categories will be selected per year.

Space Worker Hall of Fame Categories

(Please note that a person may be nominated for only one category.)

Space Launch Technology
For exceptional contributions to the Space Vehicle, Ground Launch or Range Systems, involving hardware, procedures, software and/or technical support that directly contributes to the launching of manned and unmanned payloads in support of United States Space interests.

Space Flight Support
For exceptional contributions to Space Port secondary support necessary to maintain and preserve the capability to launch manned and unmanned payloads into space. This may include facilities, operational support services and employee / environmental programs.

Human Spaceflight Advancement
For exceptional contributions to the direct advancement of human suborbital, orbital or beyond orbital spaceflight technology.

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
For exceptional promotion and advocacy of spaceflight education to the general public.

Nomination and Selection Guidelines

Nominees should have demonstrated sustained performance in, or currently be in the process of, making significant contributions to enhancing U.S. National Space access technology or capability in one of the four categories detailed below.

Nominees may be currently employed or retired; alive or deceased.

Nominee cannot have been recognized by any other NSCFL award.

Any individual or organization may make a nomination. You do not have to be a member of the National Space Club Florida Committee to make a nomination or to be a nominee.

Florida residency is not required to receive the award, but the achievements being recognized must have been made while employed in Florida.

Previously receiving an NSCFL Award does not automatically disqualify a candidate. The Award Selection Committee will consider the matter on a case by case basis.


Human Spaceflight Advancement

Kevin M. Berry
Kevin began his career in 1981 working on the Space Shuttle program at Vandenberg AFB in California, transferring to KSC in 1985 as a DOD payload project engineer. Today, Kevin is a senior manager of ground projects for the Test Operations Support Contract supporting the Space Launch System. Born in California, he resides in Titusville with his wife, Sandy. They have four children and a grandson.

Cathy Dibiase, RN
Raised up the coast in Daytona Beach, Cathy began her tenure at KSC in 1994 having already worked in several hospital intensive care units. Supporting 74 Space Shuttle missions, Cathy provided nursing care to astronauts before launch and after landing. Today she is part of the medical team preparing to support the return of human spaceflight launches from the Cape. Cathy resides in Titusville with her husband, Nick.

Debra Kral
Debra began working for NASA at in 1983 and spent the past 27 years at KSC, where she became the first female NASA Test Director during the Space Shuttle program. Today she helps manage preparing KSC facilities for processing Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System hardware. Originally from Chicago, she now resides in Orlando with her husband, Andrew, and children Michael, Michelle and Marcus.

Space Flight Support

James T. McCarthy
A Titusville native, Jim began his career in 1983 working for EG&G (now AECOM) after serving as a college intern at KSC. Later he progressed into senior engineering design, safety and operations roles. He spent a decade in Huntsville before returning in 2008 to KSC, where he is now AECOM’s deputy program manager of the Institutional Services Contract. A former chairman of the NSCFL, he resides in Merritt Island.

Steven Murray
Born in N.H. and raised in Miami, Steve began his career at KSC in 1983. His expertise has focused in support of facilities construction, such as KSC’s Space Station Processing Facility, and managing upgrades to KSC facilities, such as the VAB and Launch Pad 39B, in support of Space Launch System processing and launch operations. Currently employed by AECOM, Steve lives in Rockledge with his wife, Melody.

Michael Runion
Mike began his career at KSC in 1990 as part of the Space Shuttle program. He has worked for Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, and is now with Integrated Mission Support Services working on the KSC medical and environmental contract. His entire career has focused on the fields of Quality and Safety. He is a native of Brevard County and today lives in Cocoa with his wife, Julie, and two daughters, Malina and Michaela.

Kenneth C. Walls
Born and raised in Cleveland, Ken’s career at KSC began in 1988, having already served in the Navy and worked in the gas turbine and nuclear power industries. His career here on the Space Coast has included management positions in quality assurance, engineering and laboratories. NASA awarded Ken a Public Service Medal for contributions made to managing base operations at KSC. He currently resides on Merritt Island.

Space Launch Technology

Bubba Herman
Bubba began his career in 1979 as a Flight Control Systems Engineer for Rockwell and worked on the Space Shuttle program here, at Vandenberg AFB in California, and in Huntsville, Ala., where he retired in 2015. Among his career highlights was to serve as United Space Alliance’s Chief Engineer for 29 successful Shuttle launches. He resides with his wife, Shelly, in Titusville, where they spoil four grandchildren.

Peter Klonowski
Pete began his career at KSC in 1988, working on the Space Shuttle’s external tank and its cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen systems. Today he works for Boeing on the Space Launch System on the Core Stage and Exploration Upper Stage propulsion systems. Raised in Chicago, and a graduate of the University of Evansville, Indiana, Pete lives on Merritt Island and has three children, Hannah, Jack and Ava.

Jack Lyle
Jack began work on the Eastern Range in 1985 as part of the RCA Missile Test Project. As a Range Rat, Jack worked with real-time processing of radar and optics data, later adding GPS to the mix. He is now helping the Range evolve to use of use of an Autonomous Flight Safety System. Raised in Waynesville, N.C., he earned BS and MS degrees in Physics from East Carolina University. He resides in West Melbourne.

Ken Smith
Ken began his career with Rockwell at KSC in 1979 working on the Space Shuttle’s steering thruster, maneuvering engine and auxiliary power unit systems. Propulsion systems remained his career focus as Ken supported all 135 Shuttle missions. Today, he is working on the Space Launch System with Boeing at KSC. Originally from York County, PA, he currently resides on Merritt Island with his wife, Susan.

Michael Storm
Raised on Merritt Island, Michael began his career at KSC around 1977, and spent three decades working on the Space Shuttle program in a number of roles, including flight crew systems engineer, payload project manager, and lead project engineer for the orbiters Columbia and Discovery. His final job was working on the Orion spacecraft. Michael passed away on July 1, 2016 at the age of 63.

Past Hall of Fame Award Recipients


Human Spaceflight Advancement
Doug Perdomo
Roberta Wyrick

Space Launch Technology
James Carleton
Steve Gersten
Paul Krause
Patrick McCarthy
James Taylor
Richard Zeitler

Space Flight Support
Joan Hines
John Muzzy
Katherine Winters

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
Lance Erickson
William Fletcher
Roger McCormick


Human Spaceflight Advancement
John Cipolletti

Space Launch Technology
Van Bullington
Charlene Carr
Larry Clark
G. Wayne Finger
Lee Friedell
Fred Jankowski
Lou Marrero
Grady McCorquodale
James Melton

Space Flight Support
Bill Carr
Bob Humeniuk
Todd McNamara
Johnny Middleton


Human Spaceflight Advancement
Mark Brave
Butch Cabe
Janet Rawlins

Space Flight Support
Gene Beckett
Merle Ellet
Dori Swift
Art Waite

Space Launch Technology
Pedro Medelius
Terrence Smith
Michael Wyckoff

Space Flight Advocacy and Education
Herb Yamada
Terry White