The NSCFL is a non-profit corporation composed of private individuals representing industry, government, the Department of Defense, regional educational institutions, and the public – all of whom share a commitment to increasing public awareness of America’s aerospace programs.

We do this by hosting a number of events each year that include topical luncheons (8 per year, approximately 250 per event), networking socials (2 per year, 200-300 per event), a major evening event in October (250 per event) and our annual signature event in April, the black-tie Space Heroes and Legends Award Dinner (200 per event). In the COVID environment, we hosted virtual topical events, with approximately 100 attendees.

NSCFL is also the major sponsor for Brevard Space Week, where we provide the majority of the expenses associated with bringing every sixth grader in public and private schools in the Brevard County School District to Kennedy Space Center in support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) development. Approximately 7,000 students, teachers, and chaperones participate. Due to COVID, the in person event was limited, but the NSC still supported activities through a monetary donation.

The NSCFL shares the same objectives that have guided the National Space Club and Foundation in Washington, D.C. since it was formed in 1958:

  • Promote America’s space leadership through conferences and other literary and educational means.
  • Stimulate the advancement of civilian and military applications of rocketry and astronautics and related technologies for the benefit of all mankind.
  • Bring together persons from the federal government, industry, educational institutions, the press and other walks of life for the exchange of information on rocketry and astronautics, and through them to inform the public at large.
  • Provide suitable recognition and do honor to organizations and individuals who have contributed to the advancement of rocketry and astronautics.

NSCFL Leadership

The NSCFL is managed by a Board of Directors made up of key leaders representing the Florida space community. Board members are elected by the membership to four-year terms, while the executive officers serve one-year terms. These elections take place at our Annual Meeting during the September luncheon, and all terms officially begin Oct. 1.

2024 Roster of Officers and Board Members:

Therrin Protze

Vice Chairperson
Tina Leighty

Clinton Hatcher

Assistant Treasurer
Jim Niemes

Phil Mongan

Thad Altman

Chris Angel

Jim Banke

Jack Blood

Kevin Brown

Edgar Campa-Palafox

Pat Carr

Melanie Chinnery

Karan Conklin

Carol Craig

Bill Cullen

Eddie Ellegood

Beth Fischer

Gabrielle Gardiner

Butch Gardner

Gerry Gleckel

Steve Griffin

George Hauer

Gordy Houser

Don Jennings

Dick Jolley

Tom Keller

Scott Kelliher

Dale Ketcham

Kevin Kimball

Brad McCain

Jim McCarthy

Jamie McLean

Pedro Medelius

Joy Mosdell

Jerry Moyer

Mark Nappi

Tom Niemeyer

Lee Pollard

Rich Pruss

Rob Quigg

Rob Salonen

Josh Saltsman

Wally Schroeder

Patty Stratton

Constance Taddie

Don White

Mike Workman


Suzy Cunningham/NASA

Jerry Porter/AF

Emeritus Board Members

Dick Beagley

Ernie Briel

Larry Clark

Jerry Jamison

Jim Kennedy

Adrian Laffitte

Dick Lyon

Joanne Morgan

Bob Sieck

Lee Solid

Roy Tharpe

Honorary Board Members

Patrick Gavin