February 3, 2020

amentum, a leading contractor to the U.S. federal and allied governments, today announced that it has launched as an independent company, following successful completion of the sale of the AECOM Management Services business to affiliates of Lindsay Goldberg and American Securities LLC.

amentum provides its federal government customers with essential services in the areas of mission support and equipment sustainment, information technology, intelligence, nuclear and environmental remediation, threat mitigation, mission assurance, facility maintenance, and range services in the U.S. and abroad.

amentum builds upon a 116-year heritage of safety, operational excellence and delivering on our promises and honoring our commitments,” said John Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to continue this legacy as an independent company and continue to deliver outstanding performance for our customers’ critical missions.”

“The word amentum is derived from a Greek word used to describe the leather strap that was attached to a javelin to increase the range and the stability of the javelin in flight. It allowed it to land on target with precision. As we move forward as an independent company, our business strategy is to communicate confidence and stability to our customers through a strong commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Moreover, the name also sounds like MOMENTUM, which connotes our forward-leaning approach and innovation-driven future in support of our customers’ missions. The new name amentum will serve as a beacon for sharing our continued story of success and experience, and our people’s resilience and dedication to the mission.”


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