WESH.com described the launch and mission as follows, “SpaceX completed the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket from the Space Coast.

With five million pounds of thrust, experts say the Heavy is the largest and most powerful rocket available – aside from NASA’s SLS big moon rocket that just had its first test mission.

It has the ability to put satellites into orbit that pretty much no other rocket can come close to,” Don Platt of Florida Tech said.

Essentially, the Heavy is three Falcon 9 boosters lined up next to each other and connected. And that makes it a much more complex rocket to launch and control.

“There are so many more engines. There’s so much more plumbing. But then there’s also more software, there’s different control algorithms that are used to make sure the rocket stays on track. So, in some aspects, it’s probably more than three times more difficult,” Platt said.

And one of those difficult aspects is also one of the most spectacular to watch when the two side boosters land vertically on Landing Zones One and Two just seconds apart.

The core booster uses all its fuel to carry the payload further out and that’s part of the reason why the Falcon Heavy is in a class by itself.”

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